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Mother's Day with Prints With Feelings: Our Favourite Mummy Bloggers

Posted on February 17, 2016 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings) | 0 comments

Here at Prints With Feelings, we know that life doesn’t come with a manual but it does come with a Mum! 

But what if you’re a Mum in need of a manual? 

In honour of Mother’s Day on the 8th March, and our new Mother’s Day gift selection, we thought we’d give you the rundown of our favourite Mummy bloggers:

1) Honest Mum

 We love Vicki’s down-to-earth blog, and the fact she lives in Leeds (the same city as PWF Headquarters!).  Her posts range from admitting to being a Belieber at age 35, to yummy recipes, to How to Keep on Top of Your Home With a Busy Family. She's the ultimate #MumBoss!

2) A Mummy Too

Emily Leary, the Mummy in question, uses her amazing blog to share hundreds of delicious recipes that are super easy to make! You'll also find lots of fun giveaways, as well as great features about general life being a Mum. Our current fave post of hers is called 'Mum guilt. Is it time to break free?' in collaboration with Marie Claire. "If you're doing your best, you're doing okay!" she tells us. So true!

Alison's blog is so cute and colourful! We love it!! She's a magazine and online editor who started her blog in 2011 while on Maternity leave, and we're so glad she did! She talks travel, beauty, fun tips for healthy family breakfasts, and money-saving buys for the home. 

4) Who's the Mummy?


Who's the Mummy (or the Anti Mummy Blog!) chronicles Sally and her daughter's lovely life together. On her blog she talks about what it's like to be a single Mum, advice for other Mums such as Questions To Ask At Secondary School Open Days, and some amazing travel posts that are making us seriously wish we could be in the sunshine right now! 

5) Mum in the Madhouse

If you're looking for crafty ways to keep your kids entertained, Jen's blog is for you! It's filled with great recipes and cooking activities, parenting tips, and all kinds of arts and crafts that are perfect for Mother's Day weekend! 


These are just some of the amazing Mummy bloggers out there on the web! Let us know below which ones are your favourite below and maybe we'll feature them next time! 

Remember to check out Prints With Feelings for some lovely Mother's Day gifts to treat your own special Mum 


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Given To Distracting Others Review

Posted on March 30, 2015 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings) | 0 comments
Special Thanks to Given To Distracting Others for this lovely review.

I love a gift that is not just thoughtful, but also goes a little bit further to convey my feelings to the person. Its occasionally easy to buy a unique gift for a good friend, harder sometimes to buy something for close family, those who I live with and have bought for, many times over the years.
I find I have bought many gifts for Chris that appeal to him. Paige and Conor, I know their likes and we have catered within reason to those over the years. Granny who lives with us, is at a grand age where she says she needs nothing but her food and warmth.
These family members who mean more to me than anybody else in the world, yet on special occasions I am sometimes struggling to find a present that conveys how I feel about them. 
So I was most interested when I was asked to review something from Prints With, a company  who work to create gifts with words that spark a feeling. Who work with different designers to come up with concepts that you can either buy as you see and some that you can personalise.
I was sent a Family Tree Print, I was able to choose the colour of the tree, so it  fits in well with the room decor, I could choose  any names I wanted and or family name.
I could choose a print, how I wanted it framed, if at all and then personalise by choosing text that I wanted. 
The framed print arrived very quickly, so it will be a handy place to visit if you are seeking a last minute gift.
It was carefully packaged and when I opened it I fell in love with it. I was happy that it was unique to my family set up, living with Granny and caring for her, we now have something that signifies this.
The above is my print on the wall. I chose to give this to my family on Mothers Day, it was a chance to offer a gift in return for being treated like a Queen all day. 
There are many other unusual gifts on the Prints with Feeling website for that special gift.
From cushions to prints, mugs to tote bags and cards all ranging from £2.99. 
Some can be personalised, some are cute, others just funny. There are lovely prints to welcome a baby into the world, your child's favourite football team shirt prints and many more.
The site is easy to use, there is a video to help with getting the personalisation right.
Big thumbs up from me for Prints With Feelings.
What do you think, is there somebody you would like to choose a unique gift for?
I noticed the site has a 10% discount code for Spring and Summer, click on the gift icon on the left of the page.  
I received the print for the purposes of this review, my opinions are my own.

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The L's Mum Review

Posted on March 30, 2015 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings) | 0 comments
Special thanks to The L's Mum for this lovely review

We are very lucky to be living in the house we live in. It was actually my family home since the tender age of 14 but since my parents decided to swap countries it’s now my very own family home, just in a different way. Now I can actually decide what goes where, and how to decorate each room. It’s daunting. It’s a family sized home and moving into this house from our previous dwelling, meant we didn’t have enough furniture to fill the rooms yet alone think of little details to make the house our home. But slowly we are getting there and the house is starting to feel like my own, and not just my parents house. Since all the rooms now have furniture, we are making our way round with finishing touches. I love the idea of filling the house with little things significant to my own family, be it pictures, prints or some positive inspiration.

I came across a company called Prints With Feelings and instantly was drawn to the idea of different prints. They are passionate about unique, beautiful pieces with a little element of fun. Some prints can be personalised which I think is a lovely touch as a gift or to help personalise a bedroom for your children or yourselves. It’s certainly opened my eyes to some new ideas for gifts, especially for friends and family who seem to have everything. From prints to cards this website is bound to have something suitable.

We were kindly sent two prints, a quotation and a personalised print each with frames.

Firstly we have the “Don’t Forget” Print.

This lovely print is currently sitting pride of place in my hallway right next to our front door. It’s such a fitting statement.

“Don’t forget where you came from, but don’t lose sight of where you are going”



It can be interpreted in so many different ways but for me it’s a reminder of how lucky I am, but that I have not achieved everything I want to and so the journey continues.


It’s not too bright, it’s more pastel shades than anything else, but the plain black frame is simple and fits perfectly with our decor in the hall. Frames are available in black and white which would suit most peoples homes and there are alternative colour combinations.

This print has a retail price £28.00 with a black frame. It can be bought as just a print for £14.00.

Next we have a personalised print for Baby L.

It’s simple and elegant and would make the perfect newborn or christening gift. In a stark white frame the blue really stands out and of course it states his name and date of birth. Prints With Feelings can also add a message on this print, whether that’s the meaning of the name or a simple message to commemorate the day, its a unique gift idea.


This personalised print has a retail price of £38.00 with a white frame but can be bought as just a print for £14.00.

Overall I have been so impressed with these two prints that I am already lusting after more to add to our collection. I’m thinking this one would look great in the kitchen, what do you think?


Why not take a look at yourself on the website here. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Thanks for reading

The L’s Mum

*We were kindly sent two prints with frames for the purpose of this review, however all views and opinions are my own*

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Rock & Roll Pussy Cat Family Tree Review

Posted on March 30, 2015 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings) | 0 comments

Special Thanks to Rock & Roll Pussy Cat for this lovely review...

You'll know from previous posts and reviews, I'm a huge fan of anything personalised. We have a huge amount of family pictures, prints and handmade items round our home which I love looking at, I think they're a unique way of capturing memories and brightening up our home.

I was rather excited at the opportunity to add further to out collection of pretty items when I was recently asked if I'd like to review a product from Prints with Feelings. A company based in Leeds who offer a wide range of personalised homeware and gifts including cards, cushions and mugs. 

I chose one of their beautiful personalised family tree prints which is available to be purchased in 7 different print colours with or without a frame. 

After I passed my order over, delivery was extremely quick. The packaged arrived in a matter of days. I wasn't expecting my print to be framed so I was very pleasantly surprised. The packaged was well protected and carefully wrapped. The 'glass' in front of the print is actually a lightweight perspex which means it's much safer and less likely to be damaged during delivery.
The print is well printed with no pixel blurring. It's clear and bright and the colours go great in our living room. The lightweight frame and perspex is a welcome addition, it makes me worry less about it falling over or being grabbed by tiny hands.

The frame options available are only black, I would like to see some other options added at a later stage, as I think both brown and white frames would look equally as nice.
The family tree print can be bought for £18 without a frame or £28 with the frame. Prints with Feelings stock a great range of gifts suitable for anyone who loves personalised gifts. To look at their products further, check out their website or keep update with them on Facebook or Twitter.

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